Punting in Cambridge

Yesterday I went punting in Cambridge, which is one of the best things to do if you ever visit here. Not only is it a very unique Cambridge things to do, it also gives you the opportunity to see the college grounds without paying for entrance 😉

A punt is a boat that isn’t made for rowing. The punter pushes a long pole against the bottom of the river to move. Obviously this can only be done at the shallow part of river Cam.

You can hire a punt with a company and someone will punt you along the river while telling you about the history of Cambridge and the colleges. A cheaper option is to hire a punt from one of the colleges and do the punting yourself but this requires one of you to have a college membership.

These lovely flats are on Richmond Terrace, overlooking the river and Magdalene College gardens. Definitely bucket list material if you love Cambridge! I would look up how much these flats cost but I’m scared.

A very gorgeous building that is a very popular tourist destination: the King’s College Chapel. I definitely recommend a visit to both the college grounds and the chapel.

Ivy walls <3

More ivy walls!

This gorgeous bridge is the Bridge of Sighs. It connects two sides of St John’s college. This bridge is another one of Cambridge’s main tourist attractions and it’s easy to see why. The rumour says that it got it’s name from the sighing students who walked from their rooms to the main college grounds where their tutors’ offices were.

A better look at the Bridge of Sighs. I think I have a thing for Gothic architecture.

I also have a thing for walls with flowers and ivy.

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