NEW IN: Skin care

Here are some skin care products that I recently got from The Body Shop.

Drops of Youth

I’ve been meaning to try the Drops of Youth range. I was told that the best product to try first is the Drops of Youth Concentrate, which is a serum. This is the first time I’ve spent more than 30€ on skin care! The serum contains three types of stem cells and I’m a bit skeptical if applying cells on top of your skin will have any effect. I have used it a few times and haven’t noticed a difference in my skin yet but I will give an update after I’ve used it continuously for a month. I also got samples of the Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Youth Cream which I haven’t tried yet.

Piñita colada

I got the Piñita Colada shower gel and body sorbet for Christmas from my aunt and uncle and I really like them! As you can see I’ve already used half of the shower gel. I don’t usually like the smell of coconut but here it is not very obvious, just fresh and invigorating. The scents that I usually reach for are pink grapefruit and satsuma but I could see myself repurchasing these.

My skin never gets dry, not even during the Finnish winter. Body sorbet is a much better alternative for me than body butter because it is more lightweight. If you have dry skin though I would recommend to get body butter instead.

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