Day trip to Bury St Edmunds

On Sunday the seemingly neverending rain stopped and I decided to get on the train and spend some time away from Cambridge. I picked a historical town within an hour travel and it ended up being Bury St Edmunds, a market town in Suffolk. I got on the train with the intention of spending a few hours walking around and visiting the abbey ruins and the cathedral.

This is the entrance to Abbey Gardens.

There were a lot of children running around and even playing football between the ruins of the abbey.

The rose garden which had just started to bloom.

The cathedral is beautiful but unfortunately this is the best picture that I have of it. Up close my phone didn’t do it any justice!

Like I said before, I have a thing for ivy walls. Also street signs.

The most impressive Marks & Spencer I have ever seen, with an out of place looking car.

At the end of my trip I wandered around the streets looking for cute little shops and cafes. Unfortunately Bury St Edmunds has been taken over by the same chains as everywhere else. Still, I found a few gems, like this vintage shop! So cute!

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