Determining your best wardrobe colours

I love rules and guidelines that make life easier. One way to make wardrobe planning and shopping easier is having a collection of wardrobe colours in mind.

As a teenager I wore a lot of colours. I’ve probably owned an item in multiple shades of every colour at some point in my life. I eventually stopped wearing orange, yellow and pink partly because of personal preference and partly because I felt I looked better in other colours.

If you’re interested in finding your best wardrobe colours I would recommend starting with a colour analysis. This one by Chic Fashionista is very comprehensive and I also enjoyed this one by Anuschka Rees. I’m a soft autumn with my light skin, hazel eyes and medium blonde hair that I dye a light auburn colour. I look best in rusty red, aubergine and jewel tones of blue and green. When I wear royal blue I feel the most confident! The soft in my autumn colouring means that very autumnal colours like orange are not well suited for me. Black near my face makes me look unwell and I only wear it on my legs. For a neutral near my face I go for any shade of white, beige or tan instead.

Once you have figure out your best colours try to incorporate them into your wardrobe. If you would like to go a step further, I recommend creating a defined colour palette for your wardrobe. Again I would like to direct you to a brilliant post by Anuschka Rees. This post by Colette is also very good.

A sneak peek inside my wardrobe

I don’t follow the rules exactly for my wardrobe colours, especially because I wear black a lot but not near my face so I feel I need more neutrals. My neutrals are black, white, beige, navy and tan. In addition I wear different shades of blue and some green, burgundy and red, as you can see in my wardrobe.

Wardrobe colours
My current wardrobe colours
Wardrobe colours
My ideal wardrobe colours

I was inspired to make a graph of the colours that I wear. My first thought was that the palette looks overwhelming! Obviously I would only wear one or maybe two of these non-neutrals together. With my ideal colours in mind I changed the red to a more rusty red that suits me better and got rid of the baby blue. This colour palette seems more coherent. Still, when I wear baby blue I enjoy the lightness it brings to my otherwise deeply coloured outfits.

I really recommend doing a colour analysis and then picking the colours that both suit you and reflect your personality. Wearing your best colours will make you feel more confident!

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  1. Those colours are so you 🙂 You write very well!

    1. Sarianna says: Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  2. This is very interesting! I had a look at Anuschka Rees’ blog post and I like the idea of choosing a cohesive color palette to make mixing and matching easier when choosing an outfit. Did you use some specific computer program to make your own palette?

    1. Sarianna says: Reply

      She is great! Yes I did, I used Paint 😉

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