Product empties: Skin care

I’ve recently used up a few skin care products: two moisturisers and a facial. I thought I would write a small review about each of them and decide if I would buy them again.

Skin care products

The first one on the left is by Vichy from their Idealia range. The products of this range are meant to give radiance to dull and stressed skin. The range seems to have a new look but I think the product is this one. The moisturiser did give my skin a beautiful glow, however I get quite oily so I’m not sure if that is something that I personally need. Also, this range is for dull and exhausted skin and I don’t think I gave it enough challenge with my healthy lifestyle 😉 This product is meant to be mattifying but it’s not enough to battle my oilyness. I don’t think I will be buying this product again. Still, I really liked how it made my skin look healthy and radiant just after I applied it and before I got too shiny. I’ve also had the Idealia night cream when it was called Skin Sleep. I enjoyed using that as well but as my skin doesn’t get dull and tired I think another range will be more suitable for me. If you get dull skin I recommend this range!

In the middle is Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. I really fell in love with this product and I think it is my favourite mask ever. It feels nice on my skin, it is relatively easy to wash off and most importantly it leaves my skin feeling amazingly clean, fresh and moisturised. I’ve never found a mask for oily skin that didn’t leave my skin dry. This one was a great discovery and has become one of my favourite skin care products. It is also a pleasure to shop at Lush because everyone is so nice and it smells amazing! I will definitely buy this one again, and hopefully very soon. I was so happy with it that I might try a different mask as well.

The third one is a good and trustworthy moisturiser from Simple. This is the Kind to skin light moisturiser, the heavy is too much for my oily skin. This moisturiser does its job reliably whenever I feel like I need a little bit more moisture than I get from the products that I use normally. I think I have used three or four bottles of this and I already repurchased it. I really recommend this moisturiser and any products in the Kind to skin range.

NEW IN: Skin care

Here are some skin care products that I recently got from The Body Shop.

Drops of Youth

I’ve been meaning to try the Drops of Youth range. I was told that the best product to try first is the Drops of Youth Concentrate, which is a serum. This is the first time I’ve spent more than 30€ on skin care! The serum contains three types of stem cells and I’m a bit skeptical if applying cells on top of your skin will have any effect. I have used it a few times and haven’t noticed a difference in my skin yet but I will give an update after I’ve used it continuously for a month. I also got samples of the Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Youth Cream which I haven’t tried yet.

Piñita colada

I got the Piñita Colada shower gel and body sorbet for Christmas from my aunt and uncle and I really like them! As you can see I’ve already used half of the shower gel. I don’t usually like the smell of coconut but here it is not very obvious, just fresh and invigorating. The scents that I usually reach for are pink grapefruit and satsuma but I could see myself repurchasing these.

My skin never gets dry, not even during the Finnish winter. Body sorbet is a much better alternative for me than body butter because it is more lightweight. If you have dry skin though I would recommend to get body butter instead.