Book review: KonMari Spark Joy

Maintaining a clear and peaceful living space with only the necessary items and no clutter is a goal of mine. I have read about minimalism and while I resonate with some aspects it seemed too limiting. The KonMari method about keeping items that spark joy seemed like an interesting alternative.

I have come across many closet rules that were interesting to me. Among them are Project 333 and having a seasonal capsule wardrobe of 37 items. Some minimalists donate an item every time they buy something new or limit their possessions so that they fit in a suitcase. I love rules and guidelines and there are a few I use in my own style and wardrobe. Still, when it comes to setting numbers for items you are allowed to use that just makes me feel limited.

I could identify with the idea of items giving you joy because I’ve been applying that method to my wardrobe for years. Speaking from a minimalist perspective, I have too many items in some categories. This includes blazers, ankle boots and lipsticks. If I tried to be a minimalist I would feel bad about keeping them. All of these items spark joy and with the KonMari method I can be happy that I have them in my life.

Donate clothes

I had bags of clothes that were nice and fit reasonably well that were waiting to be donated but I never managed to get rid of them. I thought that I might still wear them. My style could change back to what it was in my early twenties. I could run behind on laundry. Still, the clothes in that bag didn’t spark joy and I hadn’t worn some of them for years. Thanks to this book I was finally ready to let go of them because they no longer had a place in my life.

I enjoyed Marie’s writing style a lot and it was interesting to catch snippets of Japanese culture in the book. The only trouble was that I found the concept of items having some kind of aura or energy impossible to grasp. All in all I really enjoyed this book. The idea of being surrounded by things that spark joy to you and thus reflect your personality is very attractive. I will probably re-read it when I get my own place and start accumulating things.