Whenever we have a warm and sunny day, it seems that a lot of Cambridge locals escape the town and the swarms of tourists and. A popular choise is to walk to Grantchester along the river Cam. It’s a 40 minute leisurely walk from the city centre through the surrounding coutryside.

This lovely exterior is actually from the south of Cambridge. I had to stop for those roses.

Grantchester is a small village and there are only a few main streets. However, these streets are lined with pretty houses and gorgeous gardens and it is definitely worth the walk.

We visited the Church of St. Andrew & St. Mary, which has connections to two of the colleges at Cambridge. I especially liked the entrance and the dried flowers above it.

After wandering around some more, we spotted an art gallery that was open. It was actually the artist’s own house where he displayed his artwork. He invited us upstairs to see where he works. Unfortunately I can’t remember his name. It felt like a strange new world to me. I own a quite a few makeup brushes but the amount of these made me confused. How do you pick which one to use?

We continued to walk a bit more and saw more beautiful gardens. Being a skilled gardener seems to be a prerequisite for moving to Grantchester.

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